You can now add ScreenConnect functionality to client machines with LabTech.

The monthly patch from LabTech released at the end of February included a long-awaited fix: you can now give users access to their computers through ScreenConnect.

This feature was first announced with LabTech 10.5 and the new ScreenConnect plugin. But there was one issue — the “associate” button needed to bind the contact to the computer, and in turn grant them access, wasn’t appearing. The February patch has made this button available.

If you’re looking to start granting your clients remote access to their machines, call one of our consultants at 718.532.3350 x1 or email, and we will schedule the patch installation and setup a demo so you and your team can start taking advantage of this functionality.

If you want more information on this patch, and to see the bug fixes that will be included in future patches, keep an eye on the bottom of this LabTech documentation page.

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