Apple has announced that it will no longer be supporting QuickTime for Windows. To make matters worse, TrendMicro has found some crucial security flaws that make the software dangerous to continue to have on client machines.

The team at StackAdvisors would like to share two options for removing this risk quickly and efficiently using LabTech.

If you have Ninite integrated with LabTech
You’re already covered. Head to the System Dashboard > Config > Integration > Ninite Solution and perform the following actions:
-Uncheck Workstation Install and Server Install
-Uncheck Workstation Update and Server Update
-Check Workstation Uninstall and Server Uninstall.

Then verify that you don’t have Workstation/Server Install/Update checked on any location. You can do this with a quick SQL query: UPDATE mp_niniteselections set wkUpdateEnabled = 0, wkInstallEnabled = 0, wkUninstallEnabled = 1 WHERE appid = 26 and locationid > 0;

At the next scheduled run of the Application Maintenance script, QuickTime will automatically be removed.

If you don’t have a Ninite subscription
We’ve got you covered at Stack Advisors. Contact one of our consultants at or 718-532-3350 x1 to learn more about our custom QuickTime removal script for your system.

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