SNMP for LabTech just got a whole lot better with PRTG! We have recognized the need many MSPs have for a more robust SNMP integration into LabTech and we finally took action.

We are in the early stages of Beta for our PRTG LabTech plugin and would like additional feedback from the community on what features they would like to see next. There are a lot on the list and in the works, but your input is needed. The current release is available at

The plugin will connect to the PRTG server via the API and allow you to sync Probe to Client Locations for alarms.

Multiple dashboards and graphs exist on the Main, Client and Location screens. Clicking each graph will open a detail window for additional control.

Maintenance mode setting to disable all alarms for a Client or Location.

The settings will continue to get more granular as we develop the plugin, but you won’t miss a feature set with our update notifications.

For now, all features are free as we build and focus on user requested additions.

Get the plugin installer.

Don’t have PRTG? Start your free trial.

Questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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