Automation Nation 2013

Everyone at Stack Advisors was excited to be a Silver Sponsor for the LabTech Automation Nation 2013 in Orlando, Florida.  We appreciate everyone that stopped by our booth. 

I hope those who were most deserving received the exclusive Stack Advisors Hangover Relief Kit.  We’ll have more next year.

Thank you for a great Automation Nation 2013!

For those of you that have stopped by our booth, here is some additional information about our services. Feel free to contact us for more information about any of the services below.

Documentation system (Code name Stack|Docs) – “finally a way to document configurations, passwords and other vital customer information”

Built from the ground up to give MSPs a way to capture all the vital information that engineers use to support clients. This replaces excel sheets, ConnectWise Configuration tabs for lookups and the difficulty of managing a wiki. Plans are to include integration with ConnectWise, LabTech and other MSP tools in the near future. Pre-populated information will continue to be provided to the community. Currently this will be a hosted service with pricing based on the number of clients you have. Starting prices are $99/month. It is currently in a closed Beta.

Sign up for the beta!


LabTech Managed Services (LTM) is our LabTech administration services.  “Deploy a team of experts” to manage your daily operations.

The highest level includes:

  • Support
  • Script/Monitor requests (fully scoped)
  • Ability to have 8 Script/Monitor requests Fast Tracked (meaning they will go to priority development)
  • Access to Stack Pack monitors/scripts
  • LabTech Core Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Server Updates
  • Stack Attack Deployment Tool
  • Agent Deployment Assistance
  • Script Support
  • Monitor Support
  • Template Management
  • Group Management
  • Data Views
  • A/V Configuration
  • Backup Configuration
  • PSA Integration
  • Mobile Device Management
  • System Update Management Assistance
  • Database Maintenance
  • Server Migrations
  • Bi-monthly Business Call
  • Bi-monthly Engineer Call


Visit our LABTECH MANAGEMENT page for additional details.

LabTech Core is critical system monitoring for your LabTech server. AN2013 attendees get it first!

Pricing starts at $99/month but there is a three month, 50% discount for Automation Nation attendees.

This service is built from our experiences working with MSPs. Whenever we noticed an issue with a LT server, we would look to see if we could monitor and remediate the issue, much like we help our clients do through LabTech. The issue is no MSP is monitoring their monitoring server and we started to notice 100s of potential areas that can affect performance, efficiency and potential downtime. We currently monitor over 75 specifics areas including performance, SQL, updates, licensing, storage, network and firewall settings. The list grows every day.

Alerting to the MSP is done via email (direct to individual or their PSA) with SMS/Phone available for all critical monitors. Additional monitors will alert the Stack Team to contact the client regarding remediation.

System Integrations – includes all our project work, CW 6.0 plug-in configurations, service plan implementations and the invaluable Ignite tuning and Service Plan enablement. These projects are involved and can run 4-6 weeks, but will dramatically improve your operations.

Ignite tuning – “get control of Ignite alerting” this service is one of first step in our project process and is aimed at reducing the 1000s of tickets that Ignite can generate daily if it is not properly configured. Our process uses MSP best practice and leads directly into our Service Plan Enablement.

Service Plan Enablement is the configuration of CW and LT to deliver on the MSP’s Service Plans. The Service Plans tie everything together from your Sales team to your Tech team to the Executive team to your Client. Everyone references the same service plan name in LabTech that ties into the appropriate agreement in ConnectWise which keeps everyone on the same page. Everyone will know what the “Gold Package” really means.

Don’t leave out how critical the ConnectWise 6.0 Plug-in is to this integration. It is very powerful tool that you can use to manipulate the way information gets from LT to CW without complex workflow rules. It takes planning and an understanding of the many different layers of LabTech and ConnectWise to do it properly. Helping an MSP through this involves all aspects of the team (Exec, Tech, Billing and to some extent Sales) and our LabTech and ConnectWise experts can help every step of the way.