Automation Nation 2018: Presentations

Thanks for attending!

Our team appreciates you attending our breakout sessions at Automation Nation 2018.  We sure had a great time presenting and talking about things we could automate.  It’s truly our passion!


If your team is ever looking for additional resources to work alongside your engineering team, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you!  Our team loves working with internal Automate/Manage resources to make your systems work better together and make your jobs easier to fulfill.

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Your business is about managing people’s IT infrastructure and services. Let’s admit it that many times we ignore our own systems because we are more focused on our customers. But what happens when your monitoring server is having problems? Could poor performance and outages cost you, customers? In this session, we’ll give you a tour under the hood of Automate so you know where to start when you have issues and how to prevent them from even happening.

As an ITSPs it is likely you have a unique process that can’t be completely solved with the powerful automation in Manage. Are you using repetitive manual labor to move the data? Does your process stay the same 99% of the time? In this session, we’ll discuss how to find those gaps, plan for the automation and share examples to show you how easy it is to solve them using Automate or another automation tool.

Understanding where your team is focusing is critical to manage resource and be more efficient. Insight comes from reports and good reporting requires good data. This quality starts at the source and must remain good from Endpoint to Invoice. Do you think you have this dialed-in? Not sure? In this session, we’ll discuss best practices around ticket creation, data that should go in that ticket and how to easily apply some simple categories to keep that data accurate from start to finish.

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