Managed MSP – ConnectWise Business Suite Management and Administration

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Stack Advisors’ Managed MSP gives you an entire team of ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), ConnectWise Manage and MSP industry experts focused on your success. Our core competency is Manage and Automate (LabTech) integrations and ongoing management.

We stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the platform and are well versed in Automate (LabTech) and ConnectWise best practices.

These skills deliver a complete solution for managing the back-end tools that are so critical to your business. Let us be the experts on these specialized products so you can focus on being the expert on your client’s systems.

This is all we do.

Stack Advisors’ custom processes and system enhancements will allow you to capitalize on the automation capabilities available in The ConnectWise Business Suite.

Managed MSP enhances your existing service offerings when our team enhances your ConnectWise Automate (LabTech) and ConnectWise Manage install customizing the integration using best practices proven by real world MSPs.

A finely tuned Automate install can allow our clients to perform over 20 minutes of work per machine, per week in automated maintenance and record this time without any engineer interaction.

Partnering with Stack Advisors can pay for itself

With the added efficiency your organization can gain, partnering with Stack Advisors can literally pay for itself by reducing the workload on existing engineers and give them time to focus on more profitable billable work. In addition, customized ConnectWise automation frees up your business to add more client endpoints without needing to invest additional resources.

Here are some of the other reasons partnering with Stack Team makes sense for your organization:

> Leverage our existing partner relationships with ConnectWise
> Take advantage of our expert team of ConnectWise developers
> Reduce install and upgrade times of your ConnectWise Automate software
> No additional staff necessary (for programming and development)
> Continual script, search, template, and monitor development
> All our packages include development time
> Rely on our experienced team for MSP service migrations
> Speed your client onboarding
> Apply advanced PSA integration with workflow automation, service board enhancements, ticket improvement and data that show your clients how hard you are working

Are you ready to maximize the value of your ConnectWise investment?

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How is Managed MSP different from other management plans?

We started before anyone believed in the need for this service. We continue to evolve as the industry and MSP needs change. Other companies will try to copy it but have years to catch up to our team. Vendor management plans are great if you need to concentrate on using a specific piece of software.

We are a diverse multidisciplinary team of industry veterans and we think about how to best use both ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate (LabTech) in a solution that is custom to your business. We use real world experience, other MSP input, and industry best practices when we manage your entire system.

We don’t have the same boundaries as some of the vendor offerings. Our focus on all of the components of your business and how they interact is what makes Stack Advisors different.