Ongoing Management

Our day-to-day management programs are built so that our team can be an extension of your engineering team.  We provide consultative guidance to your team as the need arises and management of the core applications.  Some of the things that our team manages are outlined below;

ConnectWise Automate

Core Server Monitoring
Database Tuning
Group Management
Script Management
Service Plan Modifications
Stack Advisors Script Library Access
Template Management
Monitor Development
Script Development
Install Minor Updates
Solution Center Plugin Install and Management
Network Probe Configuration
Backup Integrations Configuration
Database Maintenance
Install Major Updates
Standard Patch Manager Configuration
Security Software Integration Configuration
Server Migrations
Third-party Plugin Install and Management

ConnectWise Manage

Automate Integrator Adjustments
Email Template Adjustments
Service Board Adjustments
Activity Setup & Maintenance
Custom Configuration Setup & Maintenance
Expense Setup & Maintenance
Invoice Routing
SLA Maintenance
Ticket Template Setup & Maintenance
Time Setup & Maintenance
Type/Sub-Type/Item Maintenance
Report Writer Assistance
Workflows and Track Setup & Maintenance
Agreement/Contract Setup & Maintenance
Email Template Setup
GL Mapping Assistance
Portal Setup & Maintenance
Product Setup & Maintenance
Project Templates Setup & Maintenance
Sales Module Setup & Maintenance
Service Board/Queue Setups
SLA Setup
Type/Sub-Type/Item Setup
User Security Setup & Maintenance
My Company Maintenance

Cost Savings!

One-Third the cost of having a full-time ConnectWise Automate and Manage engineer on-staff.

Constant Innovation

Our team has a Quarterly focus plan to help guide and push your team into innovating.

Dedicated TAM

Our team dedicates a resource to get to know your business and make suggestions relevant to you and your team.

Pre-Tested Upgrades

Our team rolls out all patches in our test environment first, on our production systems second, then our ``beta`` clients third with the balance of our clients getting a fully tested documented installation of the latest patch.

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