System Review

Our proprietary system review is a 130-point check of all of your applications to ensure that they are set up and running to Industry Best Practices.  This list is a thorough manual and automated check of your ConnectWise Automate and Manage systems based on 8-years of working with IT Service Providers and MSP’s in real-world environments with these tools.

Our Comprehensive Check

For ConnectWise Automate, our team performs a 70-point inspection including;

  • Server specifications
  • Overall system performance
  • MySql/MariaDB database configuration
  • System Patch Level
  • Error log
  • Service plan setup
  • Monitor configuration
  • Groups
  • Group searches
  • Client patching setups (Windows and Application)
  • Alerting, notifications and ticket creation
  • Asset sync
  • Ticket Categories

* Some items are not checked when the server is hosted in the ConnectWise cloud

For ConnectWise Manage, our team performs a 60-point inspection including;

  • Agreements
  • Boards and their statuses
  • Closed loop and your external client communications
  • Work types & work roles
  • Products and how they are being used throughout the system
  • Opportunities
  • Workflows and tracks
  • SLA’s
  • Type/Sub-type/Item
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Company Settings
  • Dispatch portal

$500 – Completed Quickly – Guaranteed!

Our team will complete the System Review within 2 weeks from

payment approval or we will refund the entire System Review fee.

Find out how your ConnectWise Automate and Manage are performing today!