IT Nation Explore 2020: Presentation Info

Thanks for attending!

Our team at Stack Advisors aims to help others and we hope you found the breakout sessions at IT Nation Explore valuable. We sure had a great time presenting and talking about things we could automate.  It’s truly our passion! If your team is ever looking for additional resources, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you!

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Automate Server Mastery – 2020

Your business is about managing people’s IT infrastructure and providing amazing services, but we all know the last systems to get attention are our own. The problem of poor performance and outages can cost you and your client. Today, monitoring, managing, and being connected to the endpoint is more vital than ever. We’re back with updated content for the newest version of Automate, and we’ll give you our exclusive tour under the hood with new tips and updated methods for keeping Automate at its best. (download the presentation)

SQL Queries

The below queries are provided as informational. If you use these, you agree to use them at your own risk. 


Max Connection Utilization


Database Backlog

SELECT * FROM information_schema.processlist WHERE command <> ‘Sleep’;

Keep an eye on table sizes

SELECT table_name AS `Table`, ROUND(((data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024), 2) `Size (MB)` FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE table_schema = 'labtech’;

Cleaning up a whole table, use Truncate


If getting rid of a majority of entries in a large table:

    1. Create another table with the same structure
      CREATE TABLE tmp_table1 LIKE table1;
    2. Insert all results you’d like to keep into this new table
      INSERT INTO tmp_table1 SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE table1.conditions=good;
    3. Drop the old table
      DROP TABLE table1;
    4. Rename the new table to the expected nameRENAME TABLE tmp_table1 TO table1;

Consider using Automate, or a backup product, to watch for server issues like:

Disabled Internal Monitors (Next Scan is a year from now)

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(AgentName) FROM v_internalmonitors WHERE v_internalmonitors.lastscan > NOW();

Scripts queued up

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM runningscripts WHERE running=0 AND computerid IN (SELECT computerid FROM computers WHERE lastcontact>DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 6 MINUTE));

Heartbeat and LastContact discrepancies

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM computers c JOIN computerconfig cc USING (ComputerID) LEFT JOIN heartbeatcomputers hc USING (ComputerID) WHERE (c.LastContact > (NOW() - INTERVAL 7 MINUTE) OR hc.LastHeartbeatTime > (NOW() - INTERVAL 60 SECOND)) AND (hc.LastHeartbeatTime IS NULL OR ABS(c.LastContact - hc.LastHeartbeatTime) > 500);

Lessons Learned as a Remote Team – (Download Presentation)

Stack Advisors was working as a remote team long before the world suddenly changed. Today almost everyone has been forced to learn how to work remotely and stay connected. The first few weeks usually are not too bad, but long-term remote work is a new experience for most people. We’ll discuss some of the lessons we’ve learned after working remotely for over eight years. We will include tools used, and more importantly, the process we apply to stay connected and communicating. Join us to hear about hiring remotely, gauging employee satisfaction, adjusting to isolation, addressing the disconnects, and overall, how to stay aligned as a company.

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