Senior C# / .NET Developer

Senior C# / .NET Developer


Summary of Position:

The Senior Developer at Stack Advisors is responsible for software development on various assigned projects working with an agile team to create integrations and applications using APIs, SDKs, and databases, developed in C# and XAML with WPF (windows presentation foundation) and following the MVVM pattern.


Duties & Responsibilities:

· Use Jira to document time and notes

· Develop and Q/A code

· Follow development style guide, contributing to its improvement

· Solve challenging development problems

· Participate in daily Agile/Standup meetings

· Using a strong attention to detail identify opportunities for improvement in process, documentation

· Mentor and assist with training of new and existing developers.

· Continue to work on improving development skills and process through organized and self-paced training

· Attend both Stack Company and team meetings



Core Requirements/Development Skills:

· 2-5 years development experience in a C-derived language

· Experience in Visual Studio

· Understanding of Windows Forms & WPF using C#

· Understanding of Object Oriented Programming

· Understanding of MVVM

· Understanding of database creation and manipulation (SQLite, MySQL)

· Understanding of structured data (XML, JSON)

· Understanding of source control using GIT

· Experience in UI/UX a plus



Soft Skills Requirements:

· Agile software development process

· Ability to work on multiple priorities and/or projects simultaneously

· Strong ability to work with a team

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Problem-solving abilities and the ability to meet reasonable deadlines

· Willingness to develop professionally

· Ability to work with little supervision

· Willingness to learn


Measurements of Accountability:

· Complete development issues/tasks in the allotted time

· Hit sprint/development deadlines on a consistent basis

· 100% compliance with note and time entry requirements

· Take ownership of difficult issues and approach the group for help

· Taking time off in accordance with the employee manual

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