MSP Business School ep79 – Bill Stucklen, Stack Advisors: The Future is Automated

Bill Stucklen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stack Advisors, an MSP-focused agency and automation powerhouse that works to enhance every stack through collaboration, innovation, and powerful automations.

In this episode, Bill, Brian, Tim, and Robb talk about the importance of automation and why every MSP should be working to automate as much of their workflow as possible in order to achieve scalability and growth.

1:35 – Bill gives us a brief background on how he ended up in the MSP industry after graduating with three degrees in theatre. He takes us through his IT support days and the dot-com crash, sharing how he began his MSP and then eventually co-founded Stack Advisors.

7:38 – Robb asks Bill to dive into the culture of the MSP he used to run, specifically wondering how he and his team were able to keep 65 employees motivated and happy. Bill shares a few of their tactics, including their super secret annual Christmas parties.

11:56 – Bill goes into the mission of Stack Advisors, what they’ve focused on as they grow, and what he sees for them in the next twelve to eighteen months. He shares his passion for helping MSPs identify the things they can automate in order to become scalable.

15:22 – Brian asks Bill to share a good entry point for MSPs who are new to robotic process automation, or RPA. They discuss the importance of security and understanding processes. Brian references a conversation from a previous episode of MSP Business School with Jay McBain of Forrester (you can watch that episode here:

24:55 – For closing thoughts, Bill states again that MSPs have to leverage the tools available to them or else they’re leaving money on the table. Automate as much as possible in order to free up time you can spend face-to-face with clients and prospects.

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