Introducing the MSP Toolshed

Stack Advisors is proud to announce the launch of MSP Toolshed. This ConnectWise Automate integration kicks off with the first automatic machine setup tool ever created on the platform: Configuration Manager!

This tool will cut hours off machine setups allowing you to have a custom profile for EVERY one of your clients. What’s even better, after you have completed the installation, the Compliance Monitor feature will ensure that software stays installed with monitoring and auto-remediation. To learn more, please head over to our dedicated site:

Pays for itself!

Using Toolshed will save you and your team hours of time with machine setups and compliance monitoring.

Constant Innovation

Configuration Manager is the first of many modules to come, all of which are planned to expand your automation!

Happy Clients

Your clients will love your service, even more, when you get machine setups done right the first time and keep them that way.

Go to MSP Toolshed for more information!