Introducing the MSP Toolshed

Stack Advisors is proud to announce the launch of MSP Toolshed. This ConnectWise Automate integration kicks off with the first automatic machine setup tool ever created on the platform: Configuration Manager!

This tool will cut hours off machine setups allowing you to have a custom profile for EVERY one of your clients. What’s even better, after you have completed the installation, the Compliance Monitor feature will ensure that software stays installed with monitoring and auto-remediation.

All this for a flat fee of $299/month. Setup ten machines or 100 and monitor thousands of endpoints.

Configuration Manager EZDeploy

The Configuration Manager EZDeploy tool is easy to use. Click next, next, next on a new Windows machine to get to the desktop. Then run the EZDeploy agent, fill in your Automate server information, choose a Configuration Profile, set the machine name and just click Configure. Toolshed will do the rest, setting up the machine the way you like. You can walk away, grab a coffee, lunch or have a celebratory drink that you saved hours of time.

Software Profile Creator

At the heart of Configuration Manager is the Profile Creator. This is where you set up the install profiles for your clients. Using our tool you can create a profile from scratch or even better, create a new profile from an existing machine!

You can choose a new clean setup or an existing user’s computer, import the software inventory and then select the software titles from a list to include within your profile. Automation at your fingertips like you’ve never had before.

Use this feature to import a profile from the CEO of your biggest client, saving it so their machine always has the software they need. Save all those extra trips and angry calls. The nesting feature keeps this software profile separate from everyone else in the organization.

Compliance Monitoring

After automatically setting up the machines, you can choose to apply a Configuration Monitor to the installation. This amazing feature will collect data, ensure the machines stays in Active Directory and monitor for software compliance.

You can even set it to auto-remediate if software suddenly disappears from a machine.

Pays for itself!

Using Toolshed will save you and your team hours of time with machine setups and compliance monitoring.

Constant Innovation

Configuration Manager is the first of many modules to come, all of which are planned to expand your automation!

Happy Clients

Your clients will love your service, even more, when you get machine setups done right the first time and keep them that way.

Order Toolshed now for only $299 per month!