Bill Stucklen

Bill Stucklen is Chief Executive Officer and Visionary of Stack Advisors and a trailblazer when it comes to automating and scaling Managed Services. Under Stucklen’s leadership, Stack Advisors is considered the leading provider of Automation and Consulting Services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and ConnectWise partners globally. Stucklen founded Stack Advisors in 2011. Today, it is now the premier consulting firm with employees across the United States guided by their core values. When opting to build a different kind of firm, Stucklen decided to create Stack Advisors to not only help Managed Service Providers automate and scale, but also to have a positive impact on the community at large. Since having the experience of running his own Managed Service Practice for years, Stucklen created the Endpoint to Invoice model of automating managed services, which leverages the resources of the ConnectWise Suite to improve not only Managed Services globally but their client’s experiences with Managed Service Providers. Today, hundreds of MSPs have adopted the Endpoint to Invoice model to scale their practices to new heights. An integral partner of the ConnectWise ecosystem, Stucklen actively participates in the ConnectWise Advantage and ConnectWise Invent. He also serves as a ConnectWise Advisory Council member, where he is able to share his visionary insights with the ConnectWise team and other respected members of the IT Nation. Stucklen and his wife, Jennifer, along with their two boys enjoy the great outdoors offered by Colorado. Skiing, white-water rafting and exploring off the beaten path into mountains and canyons are just a few of the activities the family enjoys together. Before launching Stack Advisors, Stucklen spent 15 years leading the team of Marathon Consulting as President, where he focused growing IT Support and Consulting Solutions for SMB and Enterprise Markets. Stucklen received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Northern Colorado in 1994.

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