Maureen Cueva is Head of Finance at Stack Advisors. Maureen is responsible for leading the firm’s finance team and is a member of Stack Advisors’ leadership team working closely with CEO and Visionary Bill Stucklen.

Maureen is an accomplished team leader with extensive financial industry expertise and a vast knowledge of Stack Advisors’ operations and culture. Maureen previously served as Director of Finance for Marathon Consulting, playing an integral role in constructing the finance organization, as well as propelling many major operational and strategic initiatives. Before joining Stack Advisors in 2019, Maureen was Credit Controller of Mind Gym. Prior to that, she was Director of Finance for Netsurit.

Maureen and her husband Manuel along with their 3 children have focused their philanthropy on health and nutrition. Maureen donates her free time to help provide those in need with financial advice so they can navigate through difficult times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her efforts help provide much needed guidance and information to those that were hardest hit financially during the pandemic.

Maureen’s passion for animals truly comes through not only in her family (3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 7 birds), but when she has the opportunity to rehabilitate and release injured animals back into the wild that have stumbled across her path. She enjoys cooking and enjoying time with her family and loved ones.