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System Review




Our proprietary system review is a 64-point check of all of your systems to ensure that your systems are set up and running to Industry Best Practices.  This list is a thorough check based on 6-years of working with IT Service Providers and MSP’s in real-world environments.

The Process:

  1. Pay & Sign Master Services Agreement
  2. Within 24 hours, you will receive a request for credentials for Manage & Automate
  3. As soon as those are received, our team will get to work gathering and analyze the data, this phase takes no more than 2 weeks
  4. We will schedule a call to discuss our findings and hear a little bit more about your challenges
  5. Finally, we will provide a Statement of Work to bring your systems in-line with Industry Best Practices


What if I only want you to evaluate one of the systems and not the other?

  • Just leave us a note in the checkout process, we’re happy to evaluate only one of your systems.  That being said, we think true automation can only be achieved with both systems working properly and set up to use all of the features.  We don’t change anything, so getting the evaluation is just more information for you and your team to help make a decision on what needs to be done to optimize your business.

I work with a business or process consultant with my Manage installation, can I still work with your team?

  • We work with lots of 3rd party consultants and are always happy to work alongside them.  Our team only makes recommendations, we won’t change things unless you’ve asked us to.