System Review

Together We Bring New Life To Your
MSP Stack

Stack Advisor’s system review is designed to help provide maximum insight and peace of mind to MSPs just getting into ConnectWise or partners leveraging it for years. Our experts will review your solution stack to determine the current state of your system, identify efficiency and scalability barriers and provide a plan to eliminate those barriers.

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Realize Your Stack’s Potential

Identify configuration issues, functionality gaps, and system vulnerabilities, unique Managed Service Providers so you can maximize productivity and profitability faster.

Roadmap Your MSPs Success

Based on our in depth analysis, review and advice, our team has empowered hundreds of other MSPs with the blueprint to grow to new heights.


  • Agreements
  • Boards and their statuses
  • Closed loop and your external client communications
  • Work types & work roles
  • Products and how they are being used throughout the system
  • Opportunities
  • Workflows and tracks
  • SLA’s
  • Type/Sub-type/Item Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Company Settings
  • Dispatch portal


  • Server specifications
  • Overall system performance
  • MySQL/MariaDB database configuration
  • System Patch Level
  • Error log
  • Service plan setup
  • Monitor configuration
  • Groups
  • Group searches
  • Client patching setups (Windows and Application)
  • Alerting, notifications and ticket creation
  • Asset sync
  • Ticket Categories

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